Film | The Gospel According to St Matthew (Il Vangelo Secondo Matteo)

We are proud to present this astonishing work of cinema in partnership with Chichester Cinema at New Park as part of the 30th Chichester International Film Festival.

Pier Paolo Pasolini's Biblical drama follows the life of Jesus Christ as depicted in the Gospel of Matthew from the New Testament.

The film is considered a classic of world cinema and the neorealist genre. After initial release, it won the Venice Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, and three Nastro d'Argento Awards including Best Director. It was also nominated for three Academy Awards. In 2015, the Vatican City newspaper L'Osservatore Romano called it the best film on Christ ever made.

In Galilee during the Roman Empire, Jesus of Nazareth travels around the country with his disciples, healing the blind, raising the dead, exorcising demons and proclaiming the arrival of the Kingdom of God and the salvation of Israel. He claims to be the Son of God and so, therefore, the prophesied Messiah of Israel, which brings him into direct confrontation with the Jewish temple leaders. He is arrested, handed over to the Romans and charged with sedition against the Roman state, of which he is declared innocent by the Roman governor of Judea, but is, nevertheless, crucified at the behest of the Temple leaders. He rises from the dead after three days.
(Rated U, subtitled) Italy, 1964, Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Doors open at 8.15pm. Running time: 137 minutes.